From April 2019, Exhibition dedicated to François GISSY, world speed record holder by rocket bike

François, known as “the rocket man”, was 36 years old when he lost control of his fourth prototype on May 5 on the old Munchhouse track.

This exhibition wants to pay tribute to him by showing who François really was and why he took so many risks that day.

As a teenager, François has always had a passion for fast machines and more particularly motorcycles. He owned several of them, from the modest 50 cc Derbi to the big Kawasaki ZX 12 R.

At 29 years old, with the help of an engineer, he dedicated himself to the design of extreme machines in order to achieve speed and acceleration records on the track.

In May 2013, he broke the world rocket bike speed record by riding at 263 km/h on the former BA 132 runway in Munchhouse.

In 2014, he broke his own record for the 3rd time, reaching 333 km/h after only 4.8 s of acceleration, on the Paul Ricard circuit in Le Castellet.

What a feat on a simple bicycle without any aerodynamic protection!

More than 26 million views on Youtube in a few weeks, a superb report in Auto Moto and a broadcast of his achievement on more than 300 television channels around the world!

His objective was to be able to live off this passion and find funding.

In 2017, alone, without an engineer, he designed a pressurized water tricycle, allowing him to go from 0 to 100 km/h in half a second!

Finally in 2018, he made a second tricycle, this one with water vapour, which propelled him to nearly 300 km/h in 2.7 seconds, during the second test, on May 5. Unfortunately, he went off the track and killed himself that day, before the eyes of one of his brothers, his parents, his uncle and several friends.

The 3 vehicles he designed (his world record bike, his Hayabusa Turborocket motorcycle and his first water tricycle) will be on display in the museum, as well as his suit and helmet. Unfortunately, bicycles and motorcycles do not have thrusters, but the cold water/compressed air tricycle is complete.

A 20-minute video will present his various exploits and tests. All his adventure will be explained in detail on various panels illustrated by numerous photos.

The Gissy family thanks in advance all those who will come to see the exhibition and who will take some time to take an interest in François’ short but exceptional life.